April so far...

 Michael and the kids had fun playing in the sleeping bag one afternoon.  Michael was trying to figure out how to stay really warm in it when he goes camping!

 Briggs and I were able to watch baby Bennett one morning.  Briggs loves babies and shared his toys very well!  He loved Bennett's little bumbo seat!  He was stuck!
 Briggs had the stomach bug reeeeallly bad!  It was a solid eleven hours of misery! Thankfully, no one else got it!!  Whew!  Michael was going to go turkey hunting in Oklahoma and the kids and I were going to go spend time with friends in Edmond, Oklahoma but the timing of the bug prevented that from happening!  At this point in my mothering career, these kinds of things are typical and not nearly as disappointing as they were in my first year or two!
 Piper was invited to a kindergarten birthday party at the skating rink!  She was scared to death and may have shed a few tears but after 1.5 hours of watching the other kids, she got out there and loved it.  There is definitely room for improvement on her form!  Ha!

 Briggs was enamored by this Chinese finger trap!
 The Roush girls sent a special birthday delivery to Piper.  The frozen CD and nail polish!  Chandra was in town right after Briggs was sick so we met for lunch!  She and Evelyn were supposed to stay at our house but I did not want to risk them getting ill!
 Michael's 36th birthday was last week!  We didn't get to see him because he had a convention to attend but this was the Happy Birthday text message picture he received that day!  We love him!!

 Piper just learned out to blow a balloon up!
 Daddy is silly!
 And so is this little boy!!


Easter Festivities!

Since we attended church on Saturday for Easter, Sunday was very relaxing!  We had Grandpa & Grandma over for breakfast.  And the rest of the day was spent enjoying family time together.  I dyed eggs with the kids outside.  They both loved it!

 Later in the afternoon, we attended our annual neighborhood egg hunt hosted by the garden club.  It is a little chaotic.  They said "Ready, Set, Go!" and the hunt was over in less than a minute!  Michael stayed with Piper at her age division and I stayed with Briggs.  Piper was nervous and Briggs must have been too because he crossed the start lined and basically dropped his bucket and walked away!  I helped him acquire six eggs maybe!

 The Thursday before Easter, Briggs' school had a little egg hunt and party.  Briggs did not want to hold his basket at first but finally got into the hunting!
 Someone set their baby in their car seat off the the side and Briggs found the baby and started trying to entertain her!  You can kind of see his mischievous smile in this photo.
 And lastly, Grammy & Papa John came for a visit this past week and brought the kids some Easter goodies including bunny ears!!


Happy Easter!

I know one picture would have sufficed but their faces are so different in each picture that I couldn't choose just one!  When Briggs walked into the room where Piper was getting ready he gasped and said, "Piper you look like a princess!"  He was in awe of her appearance.  It was so cute!  Piper replied, "Uhhhh, welll I'm not a princess."  She didn't think it was sweet or cute!  We attended church on Saturday night for Easter this year!  On the way there the hymn "Because He Lives" came to mind.  The chorus is as follows:

"Because He lives I can face tomorrow.  Because He lives all fear is gone!  Because I know He holds the future!  And life is worth the living, just because He lives!"  

That is such a great reminder because sometimes I forget! He died on the cross for my sin and rose again!  I can face anything because Jesus lives!  Oh how I desire for my children to know this truth and understand it!
He is Risen Indeed! 


Week In Review

The Spring 2014 Kindergarten Campout was last weekend.  The dads and daughters went to Tyler State Park to camp.  They hiked, fished at the Athens fishery, and had a great time it sounds like!  Michael even drove into Tyler to see our old house!

While Michael and Piper were away, me and Briggs were buddies the entire weekend.  I only took one picture of him at the park. He's laughing hard in this picture because he kept pretending he was shooting me with his gun and I'd fall over and he cracked up every.single.time!  We had an easy and fun weekend!
 Every Wednesday from 2:45-4:15, a group ten  2, 3, 4, and 5 year olds come play at our house while their moms are helping with Beach Club after school.  I have a high school senior helper too!  Beach Club is a bible study that is nationwide but just started this semester at our school.  We do crafts, eat snacks, play with toys, go outside, and sometimes watch a movie.  It's been a little bit of work to do this each week but it has been fun and I'm glad I have done it!  Plus, Piper gets to be a part of the club at school since I volunteer. Beach Club is for 3-6 grade unless your parent helps. This week I had planned on playing in our backyard the entire time but after thirty minutes it began to rain on us so we went inside.  I didn't have a craft planned and the kids were very bummed to not do a craft this week.   We have three more meetings before it's over for the year!  
 And here's Briggs and his best buddy, Asher.  They played with playdough for at least 30 minutes and I've never heard them be so quiet in my life!!


Words from Piper

I am the worst about writing down funny things my kids say!  And, like every other parent, I think my kids say some pretty hilarious things!  Briggs is really beginning to express his opinion and emotions clearly.  And it makes me happy because he can communicate better but at the same time sad because that means he's out of the baby stage! Piper has always been spunky and said "mature" things at times.  But recently I look at and listen to her and see this little girl who has grown so much!  Not so much while she's throwing a crying fit, but all the other times!

So this weekend she rode her bike a lot with Michael!  She still is too nervous to remove the training wheels but she made progress in that she went down the big hill on our street without getting off her bicycle and walking!  This is huge!  When she came home she ran into the bathroom where I was preparing the bath and said, "Mom, I went down the big hill!!  I didn't stop.  Daddy only helped me once!  Oh, I just love being a kid.  I don't want to stop being a kid because it is just so much fun! I don't want to waste my time watching TV so I'm not watching it anymore.  Being a kid is so much fun that I don't need to waste it watching TV.  I'm going to play outside and do fun stuff.  Ya!"  She spoke so fast and so excitedly that I couldn't help but giggle and smile a lot!  That was on Friday.  By Sunday morning she came to me as we were getting ready for church and said (very seriously) "Mom. You know that thing about not watching anymore TV?  I'd like to stop that.  Can I please watch Sophia the First?"  Haha!!  She makes me smile!  

A few days before that, I was fixing her hair before we left for open house and we have the following conversation:
P-"Jake told me he had a crush on me today."
Me-"Oh.  What did you say to Jake?"
P- "I said, Oh.  I love someone else."  (Insert big mom eyes right now!!!!)
Me-"Who do you love?"
P-"Logan."  (Logan is a family friend and another kindergartner)
Me-"What did Jake say?"
P- "I don't know!"
Me-"Doesn't Nora like Logan?  Are you just liking the boys Nora likes?"  (Nora is one of Piper's friends.)
P-"No!  Nora love JD!"  

Then I preceded to calmly remind her that she doesn't need to be 'in love' with anyone at this age except for Daddy, Mommy, and Briggs but that having friends that are boys is just fine.  She said something about how everyone has boyfriends right now and I told her she was too young for a boyfriend and that was just silly.  Michael also talked to her and told her how pretty and sweet she was.  No wonder a boy would like her but she's too young right now to love anyone else but her daddy!  

Oh this girl!!...


Sleepy Head!

Little stinker that won't nap in his bed anymore!  But he is pretty adorable!


Week in Review

This week has been full of fun things!  My sister's family came for a few days to visit while they are on spring break.  I took Piper out of school one day to play hooky!  The first afternoon we explored the woods in our neighborhood!  Someone has rigged up a tree swing that is fun and there are tons of trees to climb and crawl on!  I don't think I'll be exploring the woods too much more because the snakes will be making their debut soon I'm sure.  Shivers!  I hate snakes!

Piper learned how to blow a bubble with her gum while they were here!  Such excitement going on around here!
Best buds in deep lunchtime conversation!

Where is the boy??  Briggs sleeps with a million stuffed animals around him each night!  It's more than his little twin bed can handle!  He's been exhausted from traveling and having visitors!  I do not mind it a bit because he's sleeping later!!
This is Piper's "When I am 100 years old" activity from the 100th day of school.  It was highlighted on the wall at open house this week.  She wrote "When I am 100 years old I will sweep, be an artist, have a husband, read the books, be a grandma!"  What an impressive and ambitious centurion!
Briggs and his buddy Asher!  Briggs wouldn't look at me but Asher was happy to oblige for the camera! Briggs refers to Asher as "My Asher"!

 And this is an old picture from November or December of Briggs that I just came across!  It makes me smile!


Spring Break~Day 3

The last morning we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast followed by packing up our belongings and heading back to downtown San Antonio!  We visited the Alamo, but did not go inside.  The kids were not ready to soak in all that history just yet!  We had a picture fiasco in front of the six flags involving a fight over who got to climb the stone thingy! I am so history poor that I did not know about Texas' six flags until last year. Hence, Six Flags over Texas! That was an ah-ha moment for me!  Go ahead roll your eyes and laugh!  After the Alamo, we went back to the RirverWalk area to ride the little tour boat.  Both kids enjoyed riding in the boat but neither cared about anything the guide was saying.  Most of the morning Briggs kept saying, "let's go ride the boat!" Like we had forgotten about this activity! We finished off with a yummy mexican lunch on the RiverWalk and headed to the car for the long ride home.  As we were getting onto the highway, I asked Piper what her favorite thing about vacation was and she said, "I don't know.  I liked a lot of stuff.  But I'm ready to be home."  And she promptly closed her eyes and fell asleep in less than five minutes.  She slept about 2 1/2 hours!  Girlfriend was tired!  Briggs was ready to be home also.  I think he said "Let's go home." at least ten times on the trip!  But both kids went with the flow for the most part and enjoyed it!  It was a much better experience than the last family vacation at the beach! Michael was even talking about flying somewhere with them next if that tells you anything!  Whoa!  The remainder of spring break was spent relaxing at home, playing with friends, and just being off of a schedule!  So nice!!