My blued-eyed beauty.  Oh she melts my heart.  Time please stand still!
 The first day of November began pretty normal with church followed by an improptu family lunch at Spring Creek BBQ.  Excuse the blurry picture.  It still made me laugh.  After we left the restaurant, we went to the mall for a quick errand and later got home around 2 pm.  Thirty minutes later...
The day stopped being normal and took a turn for scary and weird and crazy!  Long story short, I had a few little stroke-like episodes that ended up not being a stroke.  But I was admitted to the hospital for two days.  Up until this point, I had never had any kind of hospital experience except for having babies!  The Lord did sustain me with His peace all along.  I never felt panicked or scared necessarily. I was annoyed.  I was impatient. I was extremely sad to be away from the kids because of the way it all happened and how I was unable to prepare them or say goodbye.  And I was sad because I had never been away from Emerson since she was born!  This was definitely not ideal, but God provided family and friends who blessed us in so many ways and are continuing to as we are back home.  They basically just took over our life for our kids and it was amazing!  Is amazing!  God allowed this to happen but prevented anything terrible from taking place.  God answered some immediate prayers after we asked.  And I continue praying what he's teaching me and how he wants to use me in this.  I would love to see something in this series of events glorify his name!  Use me Lord!  We are so thankful for every single person who helped us.  I don't even know what everyone did!  And we are so thankful for the encouragement, the prayers, phone calls, the texts, the flowers, goodies, etc!  Just so thankful.  So appreciative!  So encouraged to see the Body of Christ working together also...
Friends are bringing meals each evening.  One night we had baked spaghetti and this munchkin gobbled it up!  I love spaghetti face!  
 And just to show you something random and unrelated, enlarge this picture and just take time to soak in the craziness of this photo.  On Saturday, we relaxed and the kids all played happily alongside each other.  It seemed to quiet when I went to check on them!
I'll post about Halloween soon!!


Family Visits

This month we traveled to Papa Roger's and Grandma Judy's house in Oklahoma to celebrate Grandma's birthday.  On our way there we stopped at the newly opened Hideaway Pizza (or Pizza Planet if you ask my kids!) for lunch.  It was delish as always and it happened to be Emerson's first time there.  She was a fan too!  While at Fargo, we went to see the cows, play at the school playground, attended their church, and had some down time.  

Briggs didn't want walk too far away from the gate!
Uncle Allen with the kids in the pasture.
The tail end of the sunset.  It was so pretty and serene.
Emerson liked seeing the cows!
And Piper liked climbing on the pen.
Piper convinced Grandma to tag along.
 The next weekend Aunt Sheryl and Uncle Trebor and all the kids came for a weekend visit!  While Piper was at school on Friday, we checked out the Trinity Groves area in Dallas.

 That evening, Piper's school had their annual carnival.  So a few of us went and played!

 On Saturday, the kids had soccer so in between games we took them to Del's Charcoal Burgers.  The kids liked the homemade root beer!  Yuck!

It was fun having them here as always!


Fun Moments in October!

Sisters swinging and smiling together!  

This is Emerson all the time!  She loves to look out the window and shout or squeal at whatever and whomever she sees!
Briggs drew Piper.  Love it!
We purchased new desks for Briggs and Piper.  Briggs likes sitting at his to tinker and listen to books on tape!
Piper and Nora received third place on their invention at our school's Invention Convention.  I thought ice cream was a deserving treat!  They invented the ice shirt!  Well, actually Nora did but it was a team effort in submitting it all!

Emerson loves throwing her head back!  Silly girl!
My sweet family!

There's nothing like learning how to use power tools in your undies!  Briggs is turning into our naked child!  Most days he takes off his pants and roams around the house in his undies and a shirt!  Bless him!  Michael was hanging something in Piper's room so he was trying to teach the kids how to use a few tools!
Blue-eyed beauty
She just squeals with delight at the sight of her Daddy!

Piper and her friend Teagan decided to sell worms one rainy Saturday afternoon.  Sadly, no one stopped to buy bait! Hahaha!!

And look who knows how to make a mess in the kitchen!  I've been  moving things around to prevent too much chaos but I have forgotten how babies love to get into everything!  

Briggs is 5!!

The last day of being a four year old!
The last picture to take as a four year old!  At bedtime...
And He's the Big F-I-V-E!!!  Eeeek!  

 That morning he woke up to homemade biscuits and chocolate milk!  Piper and I sang to him while Emerson watched in confusion!  He opened a few presents and then we got ready for school!

 For school, he chose to take brownies and pirate patches for his classmates!  They sang to him and he wore this super cool hat!  Haha!
 After school, his buddy Weston came over to play for a little bit!
He loved the gifts and phone calls that day!  You could tell he just felt so special.  He kept saying, "It's still my birthday!" 

That night, Michael and I surprised him (and Piper) with a trip to Chuck E Cheese!  Below is Briggs' reaction when we pulled into the parking lot!  Sadly, all the  pictures were deleted from my camera after this!  :(  However, we had a fun time playing games, eating pizza, and even dancing with Chuck E, himself!  
I cannot believe this boy is 5!  He is an encourager, snuggler, introvert, and just full of joy in general! He loves learning, playing in dirt piles, with dinosaurs, super heroes, and Legoes.  He loves his family and friends. His favorite foods are chicken strips, cheddar pretzels, and anything with sugar! Our Briggsey Bear is so loved and special in this family!