Trip to Oklahoma

Last week, we went to Oklahoma again.  This time, we stayed the entire week with my sister.  Piper attended VBS at their church.  It's always so nice to go to Sheryl's because it's easy, we're taken care of well, and I have six other people to babysit at any given time!  Ha!  
 Sheryl with nakey Emerson!
 Briggs and Seth in their pj's.  Seth let Briggs have a "sleepover" one night.  Briggs thought it was so cool to sleep in Seth's room.  These two had a lot of fun together!
 Piper had three swim lessons with Paige.  Piper loved it!  They worked on improving her strokes and diving.  Diving is going to take some time!
 While we were there during the week, so was my friend Chandra and her kids. Above, Sophia is holding Emerson.  And below, it's Lilly, Piper, and Sophia.  They were staying at one of their family member's houses too.  Chandra's three girls had swim lessons with Paige each day so it was fun for the kids to play together each day!  On Thursday, it was Chandra's birthday so Sheryl so sweetly offered to babysit all of our kids while we went to lunch!  I have the best sister!

 This picture of Briggs making Emerson laugh is a daily thing.  He's usually making some weird noise and getting right up in her face as he sticks his tongue out or opens his mouth really wide!  She always laughs so he will keep doing it!
 One of the mornings, while Piper was at VBS, I took Emerson and Briggs to see my friend Mendy and her girls.  Mendy has the best place because they have animals.  Briggs hates animals but I love exposing my kids to them because they are so city-fied!  I'm rolling my eyes as I typed that!  Chandra and her girls were there too.  We didn't tell Piper she missed out on this!
 Emerson liked the horses and chickens too!

 They had a family fun night at the church.  Briggs wasn't old enough to attend VBS in the mornings, but he was able to attend this fun night.  He wanted to paint the pony with his hands.  Who came up with this dumb idea???  That poor pony!!
 Uncle Trebor is the baby magnet and holds them in the most unique ways!  I love this picture because it makes me laugh looking at Emerson's expression.  It's somewhat saying "Help Me." and "What is this dude doing?"
 The girls and I built a fun fort out of sheets in Anna's room one night.  They went to bed around 10 pm and Piper did not wake up until 10 am!  First time ever!
 Originally, we were going to head home on Friday but southern Oklahoma had this monumental rain storm so I waited another day in case the Red River completely flooded and I-35 was shut down!  So on Friday, Sheryl and I took the kids to get donuts and paint pottery.

 Then that evening we went to a cool area in OKC called the Plaza district to eat some yummy pizza and ice cream!
We had a fun time!  Piper had a lot of tears when we left, which is typical.  That never gets easier. But we sure are blessed to have people to miss and cry about!


June Adventures!

This month is almost over!  And we just finished our third week of summer!  It has not been boring yet!  We've been packing our days and weeks with a lot of fun!
 This sweet girl is getting too big!  She loves being on her belly, pushing up on her arms and rolling over and over!!
 Piper is such an awesome big sister!  Emerson is a bit heavy for Piper to lug around but she wants to love on her and carry her around a lot!

 Emerson is using the high chair for three meals a day now!  She really does not love her high chair but if I break up some crackers to let her play with and attempt to eat, she stays happy for a good twenty minutes!
 Piper lost her third tooth this month.  Many of her friends have lost several more than her but our pediatrician's theory is she'll have better last teeth as an older adult since she's losing them at a slower pace!  Piper pulled this tooth out all by herself!  That little fact is a big deal!!!

Piper has been loving the pool this summer.  Both kids have actually!  She and her friend Campbell have had fun together!
Piper was the very first person to ever go down the new slide!  It needed some more waxing because it was extremely S-L-O-W.  I think it's still slow even after a few weeks!  The kids aren't complaining though!
 Briggs has been so much more in love with swimming this summer!  He loves the slide as long as Michael is nearby.  But he goes belly down, swims a short distance to Michael. Michael catches him and pushes him towards the ladder, then Briggs swims there and gets out.  Then he repeats!
 Michael hung the baby swing.  Emerson loves it!
 Piper decided all on her own to make breakfast for Father's Day!  She needed minimal help and was actually annoyed if I tried to help!  I couldn't resist helping her when she was about to put a half of a stick of butter in the skillet with 3 eggs!  I was looking out for Michael's arteries...and his taste buds. Piper has really been displaying a desire to serve others this way lately!  Maybe me being in the kitchen so much is rubbing off on her!

 Speaking of serving, we just completed a service project with a group of kids last week.  We participated in taking Meals on Wheels to shut-in senior adults in Oak Cliff.  We rode on a bus to the location to deliver the meals.  Unfortunately, out of the four meals we were to serve, only one person was home. And halfway through the experience, Piper started getting easily upset and sensitive.  Lo and behold, she was running a fever after we got home!  So it was a fun experience with a few bumps along the way, but I hope we can do this again!
 We enjoyed doing it with our friends!
We're actually purposely serving others this summer with a group from church called "Hands and Feet Service Projects."  There are weekly projects to do as a big group or just with your individual families.  The Meals on Wheels was a group project, but the kids also completed a project of collecting canned goods to take to a local food bank.  We made flyers and Piper put them in every mailbox on our street and we emailed a few family members and friends.  Together, we collected over seventy-eight pounds of food!  It was neat to drop the food off and see the facility.  The kids have never done anything like that!
 Piper and Briggs had a sleepover together in our bedroom last Friday as a reward for learning their bible verse.  They did good and it was fun!

 And this guy...well, he keeps me laughing!  He loves being the family clown!
Below, I think he looks like Wolverine from X-Men!  I instructed him to make a mean face but he could not quit smiling!  Ha!


Emerson is Six Months!

This Cutie Pie turned six months old on June 10.  Six months is my favorite stage because it is usually the time for a baby's personality to begin to emerge.  And the smiles and coos that accompany it...I love!  Here's a few fun 6 month facts:
-rolling over and over
-sleeps on tummy or her side
-loves laughing at her brother and giving huge smiles to her sister
-Mama is her fave!
-gives big, huge smiles for Daddy and big loud breathy coos
-gurgles and blows raspberries, squeals & squeaks very loudly!
-eats sweet potatoes, peas, applesauce, bananas, and rice cereal and pretty much loves the food!
-first tooth emerged on June 7
-Weight: 16 lb 15.5 oz (67th percentile) and Height:  26.75" (83rd percentile)
-nicknames include: Emers, Emersony, Em, Emsy
-sleeping during the sixth month was more inconsistent than the other two kids because of her little illness.  She would sleep through the night sometimes but not consistently.


Piper's First Swim Meet

 Piper is participating in her first ever swim team during the month of June!  It's been kind of a stressful start because it was delayed two weeks due to the rain; however, I think she is beginning to ease into it!
 She swam in the Freestyle relay, the individual Freestyle, and the Backstroke.  She did so good!

 Emerson tagged along.  It was pretty hot outside (95 degrees).  I just dipped her in water over and over to cool her off and there was a little cloud cover that helped us out!  The meet was delayed by an hour due to some lightning that occurred.  I wasn't too thrilled about that but all in all it went well. The day was long and exhausting but Piper did have a great day!
Before her Backstroke event, Piper became upset and refused to participate but Coach Caroline offered to swim along with her in the water and so Piper agreed to swim.  She didn't even need Coach Caroline!  Piper took off and Caroline was unable to catch up until the race was almost over!
 After that, Piper became Caroline's little shadow!  It was cute!  Piper is on the left, Caroline in the middle, and Campbell on the right!



 Piper's last day of First Grade was June 5th.  After school, we picked her up and headed to Oklahoma!
 All three kids napped at some point which made for a pleasant drive!
 We passed the VERY full Red River.  I have never, in my life, seen it this full!  Usually there is land with ATV tracks all over it.
 Emerson was giving me the stare down towards the end of the drive.  She.Was.Done!  We made it to OKC that evening and all was well with her after that.
 The next morning we headed to Woodward to throw my parents a 50th Anniversary reception.  Fifty Years!
 Piper loves her cousins!  And I thought this was cute.  She has recently gotten interested in taking pictures!
 My mom and dad visiting.  My dad loves chatting with others!
 Happy Anniversary!